Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Romance Book Reviews

Last week was a crazy, crazy writing week. I completed over 15,000 words of a novel, and most of it was good enough to keep! (If you've ever written a book, you know what I mean - you can write an entire scene, and, upon rereading it, realize it either has nothing to do with the story line or doesn't move the story forward. Trimming the fat is never easy, but always necessary.)

This week, I'm still writing like crazy, but thought I'd put a question to all you viewers out there (this blog, by the way, had over 400 unique visitors last week). I'm thinking of trying my hand at reviewing some romance books. I read enough of them - I average about 3 or 4 per week.

Any suggestions? What are some of your favorites? What's currently on your bookshelf/nightstand/Kindle/Nook?

Reply in the comments - if I pick your book, there may just be prizes! Email me if you have trouble commenting. 

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