Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Post by Lori Wilde: Color Me Embarrassed

Today's guest post is from best-selling romance author Lori Wilde!


From bestselling romance author Lori Wilde comes All Out of Love, the sizzling second book in her Cupid, Texas, series, set in a town where every wish for love comes true.
Millie Greenway and her friends have tried for years to keep the Cupid legend alive in their hometown, but she’s not getting much help from her granddaughters. Lace Bettingfield knows the legend is bogus. As a teen, she left a letter at the Cupid statue and got nothing in return but humiliation. But now the guy she dreamed of is back in town, Lace begins to wonder if the tale might just prove to be true.

All Out of Love features the humor and heartfelt emotion that fans have come to expect from the author of The First Love Cookie Club and A Cowboy for Christmas.

Take it away, Lori!


Well, not me personally, at least not today. Even though I have embarrassed myself plenty of times in my life, I’m referring to my poor heroine from ALL OUT OF LOVE, Lace Bettingfield.         

See, when Lace was a freshman in high school, she had the biggest crush in the world her older brother’s best friend Pierce Hollister. Like many of us, as a teen, Lace was a bit awkward—plump, painfully shy, bespectacled, and with a pronounced stutter. Pierce was a senior, star quarterback and way out of Lace’s league.

Lace got caught up in the romantic legend surrounding her hometown of Cupid, Texas and she wrote a letter to Cupid, begging him to make Pierce fall in love with her. Understandable. Many of us might have done the same thing in her shoes.

Unfortunately, her letter found itself in the wrong hands and her it got printed in the high school newspaper for everyone to see. She was an instant laughing stock.

Talk about total mortification! Now not only did everyone know her secret, but Pierce felt sorry for her unrequited love of him.

But twelve years have passed and Lace is all grown up. She conquered her stutter, came to not only accept her weight and need for eyeglasses, but be proud of the qualities that made her unique and she’s forgotten all about Pierce Hollister.

Well, almost. Now Pierce is back in town and he’s the one with unrequited crush—on Lace.

As an author who also made a few social gaffes over boys in high school, it was very cathartic to bring Pierce to his knees and have him beg for the girl he once treated like a kid sister.

How about you? Ever embarrass yourself over a boy? How did it turn out?


  1. Thanks for having me on your blog!

    1. Any time, Lori; thanks for guest posting today!

  2. I can relate to Lace all too well. That's probably one of the reasons why I loved her character so much. I was the same age when I had a crush on a senior. And much like Lace, it made my freshman year hell. He was/is no Pierce, that's for sure.