Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Favorite Authors, Favorite Books

Favorite authors are such a blessing. You know you're in good hands when you pick up a book by an author you love; there's such a feeling of comfort in that.

My absolute favorite author has a new book releasing this weekend (April 28 - Lynn Kurland - Roses in Moonlight). I've been waiting since LAST April to get my hands on it; she releases one every year, and I find that I devour her stories in mere hours.

It's a reality check.

Spending so much time, effort and energy with a manuscript, it's easy to forget that the end result provides precious few moments of escapism for a reader. What takes two hours to write takes minutes to read...That's why every word counts.

If you're good enough, your readers will hunger for more, and re-read your existing works while waiting for your next release. The escapism has potential to last much longer than the short hours a reader initially spends with a novel.

What's your favorite book? How many times have you read it? And why do you keep going back to it?


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