Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You asked for it...

I am flattered (and secretly a little thrilled) that I've had so many requests for more first-look content! After much thought, I think I can share one of my favorite scenes in Mists of Fate. Enjoy :)


     Slamming the solar door behind her, Brianagh threw her hands on her hips. "Might I remind you that you are not my keeper?" She took a step closer. "You offer me refuge, then abandon me to the walls of your castle. Then, because my teeth hurt, I search and search for you so I can fire your cook and get someone in here who knows what she's doing."

     "Teeth," he replied blankly. "Fire a cook?"

     "Don't play word games with me right now," she replied angrily. He blinked and took a step back; she closed the gap. Poking him in the chest, she continued, "You're ensuring that I live in absolute hell during this arrangement, and you think you can treat me like I'm one of your servants?" She glared at him, spitting fire and fury. "I have a newsflash, my laird. I am not your servant. You aren't making any effort to show your clan that we're anything but mortal enemies!"

     Nioclas was fascinated by the fullness of her bottom lip. Really, he shouldn't be; he was beyond furious when he'd learned Donovan had taken her from the castle walls with such inadequate protection. But her lips were there, and though she was spouting nonsense, her voice was familiar to him (even upset, as it were). Her tirade continued, each word accented by her small finger in his chest, and, without warning, Nioclas shoved his hands into her hair and covered her mouth with his. 

     It was as if he had come home. 

     Melting against him, the fight left her body as her arms lifted, settling on his shoulders as he continued his ruthless assault. He angled her head, deepening the kiss; she moaned into his mouth, and he felt a flare of triumph at her acquiescence.

     He smiled inwardly. She responded to him; it was enough to start with.



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