Monday, April 8, 2013

The Top Ten Things I Learned at my First Writers Conference

This conference was even better than I thought it was going to be. It's such a huge investment - the cost was almost $500. I almost didn't do it - I mean, people scoff at writers who aren't yet published all the time. That mindset didn't influence my decision, but it certainly crossed my mind - and that in doing this, it would put me into a new category of writer: That of a serious one. Romance books are not usually serious, but the writer behind them certainly is...and it's when I fully realized this that I went ahead and, with much support from my husband and family, signed up.

I am so thankful I did.

This brings me to my Top Ten Things I Learned at the Writer's Digest Conference East list  (in reverse order, because I like to build suspense. Don't skip to the end, then read it 1-10! I know who you are, you last-page-of-the-book reader standing next to me in Barnes and Noble...)

  1. Revisions are a necessary evil.
  2. Agents are real people, too. 
  3. The are some CRAZY people out there who use the guise of writing/art to enhance their craziness.
  4. There are some AMAZING writers out there who can make a sentence of six words evoke more emotion than you thought possible.
  5. When you are yourself, people respond well to that. (Disclaimer: See number 8.)
  6. When you believe in yourself, others will, too.
  7. I have always had everything I need to succeed. 
  8. I might need to find a new name for my hero - Nioclas looks good on paper, but saying "Nee-klaws" trips up the tongue. Not so awesome when you're talking about your book.
  9. There are some mean folks in the publishing world - but I do not have to take their word as the last and final word on being a writer. (I will, however, take what I can from their criticisms - really helpful stuff. And it helps to thicken the skin.)
  10. Investing in myself gave me the permission I thought I needed to be proud of my work. And you know what? To get to where I am today, from where I was on Friday...I'd pay double. Because writing - and making people feel something through my writing - is pretty darn invaluable.


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