Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Path We Walk

As a writer, at some point during your writing path, you think about that moment when you're asked to submit your work. You sleep, eat, breathe and live that moment for months, sometimes years.

That was me about 8 years ago - before deployments, children, moves, career changes...real life. Before reality poked through my bubble and encouraged me to see what was most important - my family, myself, and my relationships. 

This is what shapes me as a writer.

There are some incredibly talented kids out there (Christopher Paolini, anyone?) who are wonderful writers, who perhaps don't need this kind of perspective, and that's wonderful for them. I used to think I was one of them...but as I found out, I clearly was not. I can freely admit that I could write better than most others - grammar and I were very close from an early age (I remember editing my Babysitters Club books, then the Sweet Valley High ones) - but I needed perspective. I needed to read thousands more books. 

That was only the start of my journey, and I believe it's going to be a long and fulfilling one.

All that said, I have to finish revising another 50 pages by Thursday to get this stuff to all the people who requested it, and an editor who shows the kind of enthusiasm about my book that I myself feel. I must do this while balancing work and family, and not passing over one for the other in any of these.

Elation is a good word for my moment. But now, the overwhelming feeling is rushed. 

Yeah...after eight years, I can see the irony in it.

The hiking trail to the Cliffs of Moher
(photographer Carly Wray)


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