Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's Your Kind of Love?

Romance is a tricky thing. It's different for everyone, right? What I find romantic might be completely opposite of your idea. 

For example, my honeymoon was on the sunny, tropical island of St. Lucia. Palm trees, drinks on the beach, waterfalls, horseback riding.

One of my sisters' honeymoon was on the snowy, breath-takingly beautiful Alaskan tundra. Camping, helicopter rides, nature and wilderness.

For me, camping is one of my nightmares. I'm not outdoorsy, unless you count lounging poolside overlooking the ocean as such. I like to sleep on soft things - sleeping bags, no matter how much fleece is used in its creation, does not compare to a plush mattress at a five-star hotel. And cooking over an open fire...well, I'm not a fan of char-broiled, no matter how it comes to my plate.

All that being said, when you're in love, it really doesn't matter what you do. If my husband took me camping on our honeymoon, I would've loved it, because it was with him. (Thank goodness he knows me better than I know myself. I would've loved it at the time, but probably held it against him in the future in order to extort tropical vacations on a yearly basis "to make up for it." He's a smart one.)

The point is, when you're in love, it doesn't matter where, and - in the case of my stories - it ends up not mattering when, either. Because love - that initial passion, and the resulting comfort of a lifelong best friend (with benefits!) combined with that passion, is something that people tend to want.

If you could honeymoon with the love of your life (real or otherwise!), where would you want to go? And, perhaps more importantly...when in history would you like to go there?


  1. I gave you the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD for your positive effort and energy spent in your blog. If you want you can see how it works here

  2. Thanks, Silvia! When I come up for air from my book revisions, I shall endeavor to pass this along once I answer the questions you set forth :) That's a FUN award!