Monday, April 15, 2013

What is sexy to you?

When writing, it's sometimes difficult to tell what makes a hero so sexy. Really, there are two types of heroes:

Some women love the alpha type - the strong, capable, in-charge, take-no-prisoners type, in the form of warriors, law enforcement, or other protective roles. Usually, these men are leaders, and can sometimes be a bit hard-headed or set in their ways. These are great in stories where you want to see the alpha man fall from his perch and admit that he really, truly, 100% cannot live without the love of his (one and only) woman.

My example of a well-known alpha male is Booth (David Boreanaz) from the TV show Bones. (You're welcome.)

Others like the beta type - kind, gentle souls, sometimes in the form of pediatricians or teachers. They help kids with homework, volunteer with the Big Brother program, change tires on the side of the road...these types are great when the woman is the one who needs a bonk on the head; it's gratifying to see a heroine take that fall. Especially if she's convinced herself that men like that don't exist anymore...and is presented with it at almost every turn.

My example of a well-known beta male is Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfayden) from Pride & Prejudice. ( pleasure.)

Some books can successfully combine the two. Those are the hardest to write (in my opinion) because the alpha bit of the character can easily overtake the beta bit. And really...for a successful crossover character, you really needs to have all the bits in equality. Again, because I'm in a pictorial mood (and you're loving this post)...Thank whatever agent discovered this man - the quintessential alpha/beta mix. (No character name necessary. *fanning myself surreptitiously*)

(I know. I'm a giver.)

Show your love in the comments below - what's YOUR idea of sexy?

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